solo knight      S2: ghost league

Countless cages began to appear in everywhere of the underground world, and as soon as you got close to them, you could hear the poignant cries for help coming from them. Who are these people locked inside the cages? And why? I opened one of the cages with such questions, surprisingly, what appeared before my eyes was not a living person, but a shivering ghost ......

Ghost in the Cage

There are many mysterious cages in the season floor of S2, and rescuing the ghosts trapped in them can give you various bonuses in the ghost system.

"Hi! I don't know who you are, but fate let you meet me! If you can help us escape this damn cursed cage, my companions and I will use our experience and power to help you get out of here. It's a good deal, right?"

Rebel Totem

The rebel totems are a major barrier to your rescue of the ghosts, only by defeating them will you be able to help these suffering ghosts escape the cages.

"When I put my hands on the cage in front of me, the ground around me suddenly began to vibrate. The next moment, I saw several huge shadows slowly rise from the ground, and the surrounding also began to flash a strange red light ...... When the shadows gradually became clear, I finally saw three odd stone pillars standing in front of me......"


When the totem is activated, sleeping rebels are awakened and transported to the battlefield. You cannot defeat these swarming enemies unless destroying the rebel totems that summon them.

Rebel Leader

Proud rebel leaders are not summoned by the totem, but they have a certain chance of suddenly appearing when the totems are all destroyed. Rebel leaders are stronger than normal rebels, so keep your eyes open when you are fighting with them.

"After struggling to defeat the large number of rebels and those weird stone pillars, I was exhausted and walked towards the cage, but the ghost in the cage, who had been overjoyed at his imminent rescue, suddenly let out a fearful whimper. I turned my head to look behind me, only to see a huge rebel staring at me, seemingly ready to attack me at any moment."

"Suddenly, many soldiers in heavy armor appeared around me, and they stared at me with hostile eyes, as if because I had broken some taboo. I heard the ghost in the cage shouting at me: "Rebels! They are the rebels who killed us! I didn't expect them to still be here after all this time ......"

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Ghost League

The ghosts trapped in cages have suffered for decades, and they hate the monsters and rebels here to the core. Without a physical body, they need your help to take revenge on those evil creatures, so they decided to form a "Ghost League" to transfer their experience and power to you.

Season Equipment

With the power of ghosts, you can find more equipment never found before, at the same time, many skills have also changed significantly. We believe that the new stuff can help you better balance your build strategy. 

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