Prepare to join our first season!

Hi there, it's been a long time since we released last update. According to our original plan, we were supposed to release a new version at the end of this month, but now for various reasons we have to postpone this date to June, sorry to all of you who are waiting for the update.

For now the entire dev team is still working overtime on the new content, this new version is different from the former updates, it will be a big update that includes the season content that many of you are expecting for. Yes, we'll officially launch our first season of solo knight next month!

With the start of the new season, the focus of the game will be shifted from the "floor battles" and "dungeon & arena battles" to the season content. At that time, our game will be presented with a new look. Here's a brief introduction to the new content that is currently in development.

-Advanced Potions: "One day, I acquired a mysterious book called Advanced Potions from a powerful fallen knight, and as I curiously flipped through the dusty pages, I found my uncle trapped inside the book..."

The Advanced Potions is the heart of the season, and through the guidance of this ancient book, you are gradually introduced to a whole new system of potions. In this system, you have to decipher the magically sealed words in the book to find the correct recipe and materials for making potions, and refine them to the real potions.

-Enchanted Abyss: After the new season launches, all players can enter the Enchanted Abyss to participate in the trail. You'll face more difficult challenges than normal floors, not only are there more dangerous monsters, but the unique punishment of death will prevent you from getting out. How far you can go in the trail depends on your strength and understanding of the game.

-New BOSSES: In the Abyss of Limbo, you will encounter some powerful enemies that you've never seen before. these enemies will be set up on specific floors, you may not overcome those challenges until you are fully prepared before meeting them.

-New equipment: Creating your own build has always been the core gameplay in our game, and equipment is a major part of every build. In this time, we've also prepared 8 new gears for you, all of which are very interesting, we believe that with your smart minds will be able to develop more builds with unexpected effects.

In addition to the development of season content, we also have done several other works to optimize players' game experience.

Adding an opening animation

As a first step in the introduction of the game world, the addition of the opening animation has finally built a clear storyline for our game, which I'm sure you've already seen in the latest version. This is a story about a brave boy who follows his uncle to a dangerous dungeon for his adventure. It is just the beginning, as the season launches, we'll continue to tell the story of their adventures as well as uncover more secrets hidden in the world.

Text Revision

We've been receiving quite a bit of player feedback about unclear titles and descriptions of some items and perks, especially the English text. In recent times we've also taken some effort to do a revision of all the text in the game, fixed a number of word misses and missteps. The revised text is expected to be released in the next version, which will hopefully provide you a better gaming experience.

BUG Fixes

In addition to proofreading text, Bug Fixes is something we are always working on. Although in the recent time, bug fixes have been less efficient as the development team has to pay more attention to the season content at the same time, We still fixed a number of bugs which were supposed to influence the gameplay.

If everything goes well, all the new content mentioned above will officially release in June. We know we've kept the communities waiting for too long, but we promise that the new version will bring you an excellent gaming experience like never before!

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