S3 Secret Spot Patch Notes


In Season 3, we added the content of rebel armies, a large number of rebel BOSS, and challenges in the later game. We have added bonus options for the season floors. In addition, we have optimized the convenience of Potions and Ghost, hoping to bring you a better experience.

Rich matches and builds are the core of Solo Knights. We strengthened the selection of builds matching. We improved the element ball system, added a large number of armors, talents, etc. that support element gameplay so that there will be more possibilities for element gameplay. At the same time, the totem traps and abnormal off-hand weapons (which can be gotten through main-handed weapon rebuild) are ready for you guys, which made the cast can be put on more objects.

Main Update

  • Season 3: Secret Spot. On the season floors, there will be Void Gates. Players can enter it then follow the footprints to fight with the rebels and find clues to the Lord of the Void. After collecting enough clues, the knight can challenge the Lord of the Void and his evil minions.

  • Added a new type of smelting stone-rebuilding stone, which can rebuild equipment to get a variety of specific effects, such as 2 kinds of enchanting effects, an off-hand version of main-handed weapons, etc.

  • Added a number of high-level Regenerate Stones which can be purchased in-shop or exchanged in loot handbook. Knights could regenerate a certain type of random attribute.

  • Added a new equipment quality, dark gold, which can be upgraded through orange equipment.

  • New-season competition mode, open during the season. Knights can experience the fun of fast building.

  • Many pieces of equipment are newly added and elemental damage gameplay is added.

  • A lot of balance adjustments have been made to equipment, talents, etc.

Equipment Update

Season challenge update

Potion update

Systematic Update

Ghost League Update

  • Moved the season-related UI to the character photo.

  • Added a number of high-level Regenerate Stones which can be purchased in-shop or exchanged in loot handbook. Knights could regenerate a certain type of random attribute.

  • Added the function of receiving paid rewards from last season pass.

  • Diamond will be double at 1st payment.

  • Reduced equipment drop rate in offline revenue.

  •  Before entering the season challenge, knights could use gold coins each time to get a bonus reward, and up to 5 bonus rewards can be selected, such as increased equipment drop rate, boss ticket drop rate, ghost event probability, etc.

  • The limit of 300\400\500 level bosses in the season challenge has been canceled. There is only one level, and then you can challenge them through the ticket as many times as you want.

  •  Removed monsters’ reverse damage and the shield that immune range damage.

  • Re-adjusted the difficulty of 500 floors.

  • Potion updating

  • Now, knights can get the potion immediately without waiting.  

  • Added kinds of potions.

  • The animal materials only drop in dungeons.

  • Now, knights can get the potion immediately without waiting.

  • Added kinds of potions.

  • The animal materials only drop in dungeons.

  • Moved the entrance of the Ghost League to the backpack.

  • Added ghost backpack, which can be purchased by diamonds.

  • The department produce can speed up through diamonds

  • The ghost who left because of conflicts can be saved once.

  • All the perks that can cause damage are all modified to armor equipment, such as recovery pool, whirlwind, hit bifurcation, etc.

  • Single Hand: increase attack speed and casting speed, no longer increase attack

  • Archer: increase damage over 20m

  • Lord of the Minions: increase 5%, every stack

  • Critical Hp Steal: adjust the position to critical circle

  • Beheading: If you made a critical hit, the target(except the boss & player) will be killed immediately when its hp is less than 30%

  • Unstoppable (new): 100% Physical penetration can be converted into physical damage.

  • Minion Elemental penetration (new): Elemental penetration of summons increased by 5%

  • Limit of Element Orb(new): the element ball mechanism has been added, and the element ball can be obtained in a variety of ways. The element ball will have attribute bonuses, and certain skills will consume the element balls.

  • FIRE and Ice (Fire) (New): When hit a frozen target with fire damage, the target will be warmed and increase your fire damage bonus by 50%

  • FIRE and Ice (Ice) (New): When hit a frozen target with fire damage, the target will be warmed and increase your fire damage bonus by 50%

  • Chronic Intoxication (New): The duration of poisoning is extended by 100%, and poison damage is evenly distributed for the extended time, while the maximum stage of the poison DOT increased by 50%

  • The radius of aura skills (new): The radius of aura skills increased by 30%

  • Extra Hit Rate with Melee Weapon: Increase hit rate by 40% when equipped with a melee weapon

  • Elemental Fragility (New): Attacking targets that are frozen/electrically shocked, reducing all physical resistances by 50%

  • 5th Attack (new): The 5th attack will add an additional physical damage equal to 5% of the target's maximum hp

  • Hunter: 'Each shot of skill's projectile will add an overlap sign to the character to increase physical damage bonus by 3% for a short time, the sign can be stacked up to 99 stages.

  • Pay Back (new): Every time a minion dies will add an overlap buff to increase the character's attack & cast speed by 5% for 10s, the buff can be stacked up to 20 stages

  • Mana Protection (new): Increase effect of damage deducted by mana by 10%

  • Synergistic Defense: +3% defense every stack, up to 50 stacks.

  • Iron Wall (new): Minions no longer attack anymore, but physical and magic defense increased by 50%

  • Hp Restore (new): Increase hp restore rate by 10%

  • Switch to Defense (new): 50% of physical penetration bonus to physical resistance

  • Minions' Pay Back: Moved to defense perks from attack perks.

  • Berserking: active when in the battle.

  • Nimble Strike: changed to physical damage bonus.

  • Seasonal Perks: Newly added minions’ physical and magic damage, health, physical defense, and magic defense.

  • Orb (New): 20% chance of getting 1 orb when releasing skills

  • Fast Attack (new): skill and attack speed increased by 15%

  • Quick cast: can be used on all cast skill equipment

  • Long-range damage bonus (new): If the projectile flies more than 20m, every additional 1m, the damage increase

  • Close range damage bonus (new): If the projectile flies less than 6m, and the damage increases for every 1m less.

  • Minions element penetration (new): Increase the summoning element penetration

  • Share Damage for Single Skill (new): 15% of the damage caused by Single skills will be allocated to all enemies on the field

Other Update

  • Added many random attributes

  • Accuracy: always hit, but the character cannot crit

  • Lord’s: character will get a buff when the minion dies, increase the physical and magical attacks by 5%, up to 20 stacks, last 30s

  • Energy: Beam skills increase the percentage of magic damage by 50%

  • Control: towing/stun/knock/knock the target, the damage increased by 100%

  • Totem: the maximum number of totems +2

  • Trap’s: limit and the number of traps +4

  • Bloody: increase the physical damage, magic damage, attack speed, and casting speed by 50% when the blood is less than 30%

  • Hawkeye: When the projectile flies more than 20 meters, the damage increase will increase by 20% for every additional meter.

  • Face-lifting: increase the general damage increase by 40% for every 1 meter less when the projectile is flying below 6 meters.

  • Thorns: reverse damage from character increase by 200%, and reduce defense by 20%

  • Destroy: attack the full health enemy, increase the general damage by 300%

Rune Update

Perks Upadate

  • Mark helmet: increase the damage to strengthened monsters, elite monsters, and BOSS

  • Plague: Toggle skill, when the poisoned target dies, monsters within 8m will be infected with debuff.

  • Sacrificial Cape: kill all summoned minions and add 10% of their physical damage to the character.

  • Combo Cloak: the 7th attack to the same target.

  • Parry Armor: When being attacked, 10% chance of getting a parry effect and gain 20% defense.

  • Stone Armor: debuff an attacker when attacked, reducing physical defense by 20%

  • Lava Armor: The ratio of physical defense and magic defense up to 150%

  • Charging boots: the process of sprinting will be regarded as moving

  • Frosted Clothes: After toggled, add 1 buff to the summons within 8m with cold power, minions reduce damage from AOE skills by 50%.

  • Grand Sanctum Armor: sacrifice 20% of HP, increase all allies’ maximum HP which is equivalent to the sacrificed HP.

  • Lord Clothes: deal damage every 2s

  • Sludge Helmet (new): After toggle, when the melee skill hits a frozen enemy, 3 ice projectiles shatters backward, dealing 100% physical attack cold damage

  • Thunder Helmet (new): Consume 1 electric charging ball to summon lightning, attack all electrified targets within 8m, dealing 100% physical attack lightning damage.

  • Fire Blast Hood (new): After toggled, when an ablaze target dies, dealing 10% fire damage of its maximum HP to the enemies within 5m.

  • Vulcan's Hat (new): Consumes all fire elemental balls, for every 2 consumed, 1 fireball will launch to attack the enemy, dealing 100% magic fire damage

  • Scorching Circles (new): After toggled, when an ablaze enemy is hit by continuous fire damage skill, will launch 3 scorching fireballs in a circle at the target, dealing 100% magic fire damage.

  • Field Hood (new): After toggle, when attacking the electrified enemy, an additional mark will be added. The marks consumed at 5 stacks, an electric field forming within 5m of the target, dealing 100% magic lightning damage. Multiple electric fields can stack damage

  • Lightning Mask (new): After toggled, the electrified minions will stack marks after they kill the enemy. The marks consumed at 5 stacks, each attack of minion will release additional lightning in a fan-shaped area of ​​5m ahead, dealing 100% of magic lightning damage.

  • Virus Hood (new): Release a poison seed to an enemy. If the enemy dies from poisoning damage within 5s, beetles will be hatched. The initial is 5 of them, and last for 15s. It cannot use mutant rune.

  • Folk Hood (new): After toggled, when the continuous casting beam skills hit the target, a small beam will be branched out, dealing 70% magic damage.

  • Whirlwind Hood (new): After toggled, when the projectile skill critical strikes, a small whirlwind will be formed at the target to launch 5 projectiles, dealing 70% physical damage.

  • Blood Blast (new): After toggled, when you are at full health, you will accumulate the recovery pool (limit 30% of hp) for hit HP recovery or blood draining. Deal physical damage to enemies within 5m when reaching the limit.

  • Redemption (new): After toggled, when the blessing buff is restored, 5 healing balls will be launched around the character, and 50% of the healing amount will be converted into spell damage.

  • Orb Cloak (new): After release, immediately get a full elemental ball, you can choose the type of elemental balls

  • Righteous Fire Armor (new): After toggled, 5% HP will be deducted for every second, but fire damage increased by 50%

  • Frost Armor (new): After toggled, when you are attacked, it will give the attacker 1 stack of cold effects.

  • Armor of Tenacity (new): After toggled, when you are under attack, increase your health recovery speed by 10%, stack up to 9 times for 5s

  • Thenea' s Clothes (new): Consume all ice elemental balls, add 1 stack buff to yourself for every 1 consumed. Restore 10% of HP, and increase defense by 10% for 5s, up to 9 stacks.

  • Pluto's Clothes (new): consumes all poison element balls, each 1 consumed, 1 poisonous snake will be summoned, and the summon mutation rune cannot be used.

  • Blizzard Clothes (new): After toggled, the 5th instant cast skill that deals cold damage will form an ice ground within 5m. Obtain 30% cold penetration on the ice ground, while enemies will be slowed down.

  • Charging Clothes (new): Consume all the lightning orbs to increase 10% attack and cast speed to the minions within 8m for 5s. The more the lightning orbs, the higher stages of the buff, which can be stacked up to 9.

  • Totem clothes (new): After toggled, you will split into multiple totems(equal to the totem limit) and resurrect after 10s. If all the totems are broken during this period, you will die

  • Deserter's Boots (new): Throw a trap behind you every 1s while moving, the trap will release the main weapon skill when triggered

  • Death space (new): After toggled, when a minion dies, it will converge enemies within 8m to the poison at the time of its death

  • Sword of Judgment (new): After toggled, when using normal attack, 20% chance of attacking targets within 8 meters with the power of judgment, dealing 160% physical attack damage.

  • Trick Axe (new): Summon a doubleganger who has the same attack power, but the maximum hp is only 30%

  • Hammer of Time (new): Create a static spacetime within 8m, the enemies entering this spacetime will be stunned, and you have 30% increased attack and movement speed in the spacetime.

  • Infiltrate Dagger (new): Automatically enter the sneaking state 1s after starting to move, only when attacking or releasing skills will appear, the first attack after appearing will always be a critical attack, dealing 200% physical attack damage to the target

  • Sacrificial Shield (new): 100% of the lost hp converted to an additional energy shield

  • Tracking bow (new): Hold to aim at the enemies, every 0.5s adds an additional aimed enemy. When releasing, launch tracking arrows to attack all aimed targets, dealing 200% physical attack damage to them

  • Bounce wand (new): launch a magic ball forward with, 60% chance that it will bounce forward again when it hits the ground, the range of each bounce decreases by 20%, and the maximum bounce is 5 times, dealing 120% magic damage

  • Pulse Staff (new): Release an energy ring outward from yourself, the energy ring will be retracted after reaching the maximum range, dealing 70% spell damage to the hit enemy. For each meter the ring is launched outward, an additional 10% damage bonus will be added

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