Ample collocations and builds are the core of solo knights. We have designed many equipment, perks and runes. In addition, we encourage players to use their imaginations in the process of the game, and develop a variety of fun and interesting build. Your ideas can be mainstream or you can find a different way to surprise everyone. We look forward to players' various fanciful collocation ideas to make the game more colorful.


There are more than 200 pieces of equipment in the game (more new equipment on the way), and each piece of equipment has its own unique skill. We encourage players to use them freely. The more unexpected the match is, the more exciting it is. The game is equipped with systems such as quality levels and additional attributes. If players think a piece of equipment is suitable for themselves, look for higher quality in the game. Enjoy exploring in the game. Maybe the equipment you like is on the next monster.


600+ PERKS

More than 600 perks in the three categories, and the huge perk tree system brings new possibilities for players' adventures. Different combinations of core perks may bring new ways to play. Pay attention to the allocation of perk points, and it’s the time to challenge players’ strategy. Attack perks, defense perks and season perks can be matched without restriction. We are still on our way of the production of new perks.





In addition to the main gameplay, we have added dungeon system. The difficulty of different levels of the dungeon will increase exponentially and players must choose different restrictions such as narrow terrain and various debuffs, players challenge the difficult dungeon under various restrictions to experience the fear brought by advanced demons. There are some different plays, such as defending battles and protecting deliveryman. Of course, generous rewards are also waiting for players at the end of the dungeon.


The arena gameplay will give players a brand new experience. In this mode, players will fight against the knights, and see whose build would be more power. This is also an efficient way to learn to build. In the arena, you can see the match of the opponent's equipment and perks. What should players do if players always fail when encountering strong opponents? Join if you can't beat it! It is a good way. Of course, if you can match a counter-build, it will greatly enhance the fun of the game.



In order to keep everyone fresh and excited, we have added a seasonal content system to the game. Developers would try their best to bring new content expansion to everyone every season, don't worry about the hard work before the season update would be useless. The new content expansion only provides players with new ideas and new choices, making the whole game more playable.

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