May 29, 2020

Knight GreatSword

The knight greatsword is one of the few weapons that can be inserted both trap runes and puppet runes. In this version, traps can trigger puppets. Counting the level 3 runes and associalted perks, you can hit the skills 12 times for each cast, which is a huge physical damage to the enemies.


May 27, 2020

Frozen Cloak, Healing Missile

This build deals damage mainly through healing missiles. You need to reduce the trigger time of healing buff to increase the damage of healing missiles. As the missiles' damage are related to the hp you recovered, make sure you have equipped the Frozen Cloak and learnt the Increased Hp, Warrior Will, Heavy Armor Mastery to increase your heal amount as much as possible.


May 20, 2020

Double Blades, Attack Speed

The core of this build is to increase attack speed. In this case, "hit recover hp" rune is better than "hp steal" since Double Blades has low attack power and fast attack speed, then using "recovery pool" to deal the damage.


Apr 26, 2020

Mid-Term, Bombman

It is a build based on the Bombman Wand, The core idea is to make the minion's quantity and hp as much as possible. Using the Minion Limit rune + Minions Limit perk make the number of minions up to 6, then Minion HP rune + Minions Health perk maximize the power of explosion. It's a pretty powerful build in mid-term, but may not be useful in floors beyond 120.

Arrow of Judgement

Apr 26, 2020

Bow, Range

The core of the build is to add physical attack. The original range of Great Bow is 30M, with the totem rune, player can shoot further, even beyond visual range. Totem's attack power is linked by the character's attack power, so be sure to upgrade your attack. Since most damage is produced by totem, player can not steal hp anymore, so the Death Heal is used to solve this problem.


Apr 16, 2020

Speed, Ranged Weapon

The goal of this build is to maximize the attack speed with ranged weapon. With a combination of Magical Lineage and Violence, players need to reduce their HP as much as possible to achieve a higher attack speed, that's why i choose 2 Mana Reaserve: a Lv2 rune plus a Lv1 can take up 90% hp, and finally make player's attack speed reaches to a very high level. More remarkable, because of the low hp, this build can not deal with the boss fight, it is a brush-only build.


Apr 13, 2020

Speed, Shadow Axes

The shadow axe's ability deals multiple damage, many people prefer to use the “soul link” perk, It does do more damage. But “soul link” can’t trigger “beheaded” and "steal hp". That's why a lot of people say the shadow axe is easy death. For those reasons, this build gives up the extra damage of soul link and improve endurance by using “beheaded” and "steal hp". It is proved that such high efficiency, high blood intake, can be a good guarantee of survival.


Apr 9, 2020

Mid-Term, Defense, Shield

This mid-term build is aiming for improving defense, The 4 core talents can greatly improve character's physical defense and magic defense. Then use the Heavy Shield to convert the defense value into damage. As a result, you can produce a huge single damage, especially when you against a boss.

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