According to reports from some ghosts, they found some mysterious footprints on the floor of the underground world. At first, my uncle and I thought it was a prank. but after some investigation, at the end of those footprints, we found a weird Void Portal.
        Although we were aware of that this may be dangerous, in order to find a way to leave this place, we decided to go in and explore. However, what awaits us there is a deep darkness...
        With the strange energy that continues depriving the health of our bodies, we could never find where the end of this darkness is, as if there is something indescribable hidden in the darkness, which is pushing us to abyss of death...Are all the rebels really dead? Where did the powerful rebel leaders go?

Head of the Rebel

    Like the ghosts, there are a number of rebels who have survived the war in another way. Now their leaders are dormant in these hidden spots. In order to recover faster, they set traps to lure the explorers, and then deprived their lives through the dark energy in the spot.

    The rebel armies are not mess. In the largest remaining rebel army, the leaders are divided into three levels: Baron, Earl, and Duke according to their origins. Defeat the stronger the boss, the higher the reward will be. Only by defeating all of them can you challenge the true leader: The Void.

Rebel Armies


    You will find a large number of void portal in the new season. They are usually connected to a huge hidden space which was a shelter used by the rebels to hide various weapons and supplies, but for some reason it became a forbidden area which is filled dark energy. The power of darkness causes everyone who enters here to bleed continuously, and only by finding and lighting the several torches scattered here can protect us from darkness temporarily.

    Footprints are the only guide that leads you to find the right direction in the secret spots, but usually they are covered by endless darkness and only show up near the torch. Follow the direction indicated by the footprints and you can finally come to the deepest part of the spot and take the biggest challenge of this season.

Searching the secret spot


Season race

    When the season starts, you can also sign up for a limited-time open season race challenge. In this challenge, you will use newly created characters to compete with others, and constantly strengthen yourself under the constraints of the race rules, and pass levels to win clearance rewards as fast as you can. Depending on the race mode, the rules you receive are also different. The top 100 players who complete the challenge will also receive special rewards.


    There are more than 20 new weapons and equipment this season. More than that, a large number of old equipment has also been adjusted. Now you can have a more splendid and efficient build than ever. In addition, an ultimate equipment quality above the orange quality: Unique Quality has been in the underground world. With the help of powerful unique quality weapons, you will be able to kill the monsters easier and smoother this season and challenge your limit.

New weapons & new quality


    During this season, a brand-new smelting material will be in your loot: Rebuild Stone. Using rebuild stones to renew the equipment, there is a probability that the equipment will break through the original restrictions, and obtain unexpected new features such as higher random attributes, brand-new enchanting skills and even dual weapons.

Rebalanced Season Difficulty

    You will have more diversified challenges after the floor 200! We have rebalanced the difficulty of the season floor and completely reworked the skills of the elite monsters. The goal is to make all builds have a good game experience in the late game.


optimized Season ranking

    We have detailed the season ranking chart and added filtering by weapons. You will be more likely to see players who use unpopular weapons in the new season's ranking, and master some unpopular build ideas by studying their strategies.

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Solo Knight S3

Secret Spot

Releases on: May 7th, 2021

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