S4 Hero Rally Patch Notes


The new season will reset the number of endless floors to 200. Reset season perks and season ranking list. Keep backpack items, gems, gold, magic circle, ghosts and unlocked potion etc.

Main Update

  • Added new cooperation gameplay in season 4, tap Dungeon to enter

  • Added new skin system and skin shop, tap shop to enter the skin shop

  • Added the season achievement system, tap avatar -- Season -- badge to enter

  • A great number of optimize and balance about equipment, perks, etc and check below for details

Ghost update

System update

Season challenge update

Potion update

Dungeon update

  • Adjusted the cooldown time of the Potion plants, now you can consume gems for acceleration

  • Fixed a problem where the magic pot icon continued to appear even reset the Potion MakingGhost update

  • Added new cost-effective weekly gift package

  • Added new Rebel chest which contains legacy equipment, crafting books and other resources

  • Optimized the random store refresh mechanism so that refreshed items no longer appear repeatedly during the day

  • Added Uncle's gift system which give beginners more guidance on different builds and provide much more BD-related equipment

  • Adjusted the shop page and move the NOVICE PACKand AREA PACK  to the gem shop

  • The maximum number of roles for an account is increased to 10 and optimized the role switching interface

  • Optimized the HP display of boss and attribute interface

  • The arena interface is optimized to display role ID

  • Promote the event occurrence probability of each season challenge, adjusted the consumption of event rate bonus, increase the limit on the number of weight events and allowed to spend gems to increase the weight after after several purchases

  • Increase the initial probability of season floor events, even if there is no bonus at all

  • Fixed the bug of repeated season ranking in some cases  

  • Adjusted to the mechanism about Dungeon Shards which only regenerate at the current tier can be reloaded. For example regenerate the T10 shards that only T10 shards can be reloaded

  • Fixed racing mode does not generate road  in some cases

  • Fixed dungeon entrance options being abnormal and inaccessible in some cases

  • The limit of Ghost league dept is adjusted to 20. After the version goes online, the departments that exceed the limit will be automatically removed and the corresponding amount of supplies will be returned. Ghosts in the removed dept will return to the pack

  • Adjusted the consumption of department acceleration, the higher the department level, the more gems will be consumed

  • Barbarian Dept - Barbarian’s Armor adjusted to increase defense instead of damage return

  • Assassin Dept – Change the effect of Rending Attack to have chance to sunder the enemy's armor

  • Elemental Dept – Remove the Range curse and replace with increasing the limit of element orbs

  • Fixed the bug when tapping the ghost cage will not open the ghost board in some cases

Equipment update

  • etonated Hood (new) : after toggled,explode all air projectiles to deal 60% magic attack damage to enemies within 3m

  • Track Hat (new) : after toggled, 2% chance to launch an  additional tracking when launch each projectile,dealing 70% magic attack damage

  • Quicker Cloak (new) : after toggled, increase 2% attack and cast speed for each attack for 1s,stack up to 20 stages

  • Warlord Armor (new) : after toggled,increase 5% phsical and magic defense,stacked 1 stage for each additional enemy within 5m,stack up to 9 stages

  • Deadly Armor (new) : double damage to next melee & single skill attack per 10s

  • Charging Armor (new) : Summon a thunder charge, added an electric charging ball to allies within 8m every 2s.Charge lasts for 10s and the element mutation rune cannot be inlaid

  • Trap Carrier Boots (new) : Summon 1 carrier trap and trigger for the nearest enemy

  • Frighten Armor (new) : after cast,intimidate enemies 8m around to keep them away for 5s.

  • Witchcraft Clothes (new) : after toggled,increase the stack limit of poison buff cast by the character by 20%

  • Priest Robe (new) : After toggled,increase healing buff effect by 30%,but no more hit HP recovery/HP steal

  • Clone Clothes (new) : copy minions within 8m for 10s.Their quantity and attributes limited to quality and level of the clone clothes.Element mutation runes cannot be inlaid

  • Magic-store Clothes (new) : after toggled,get gain buff for each 500 mana consumed to increase magic attack by 10% for 2s,stack up to 9 stages

  • Dark Robe (new) : after toggled,draw 10% attack and 5% maximum of HP from minions within 8m per sec

  • Soul Totem (new) : after toggled,30% chance to summon soul totems around the attacked character for 10s

  • Electric Ball Wand (new) : hold to keep casting,form an electric field within 5m,dealing 70% magic attack damage to enemies being hit.Control to move by the gyroscope and cannot inlaid the element rune.

  • Seal Staff (new) : after cast,summon a sealed target as a minion equal to the staff but no elemental mutated rune.Tap the corresponding icon to seal selected ennemy and summon later.

  • Toxic Clothes (new) : after cast,consume all the poison orbs to go into a toxic state,reduce interval of poison buff by 20% for 10s,extend the time of each poison orbs by 20%.

  • Trap Boots: adjust to trigger all traps within 8m, each trap you triggered, will increase physical attack by 10%, can be stacked up to 9 stages

  • Lightning Mark: adjusts to after toggled,lightning mutant minions will get a sign for critical hit, releasing additional fork-shaped lightning fan-shaped forwards with 5m , dealing lightning damage equal to 100% magic attack

  • Icy Blast Hood: adjusting to after toggled,hit frozen targets to generate an ice blast 8m around, dealing cold damage equals to 100% magic attack and unfreezing them

  • Fireblast Hood: adjust to after toggled, burned enemies killed by character will self-destruct, dealing additional fire damage to 20% of burned damage within 5m

  • Charging Clothes : adjust to after cast,consume all the lightning orbs to increase 10% critical rate of minions within 8m for 5s. The more the lightning orbs, the higher stages of the buff, stacked up to 9 stages

  • Shuriken Clothes : fixed static effects left behind by pairing electrical runes

  • Aegis : fixed abnormal cool-down for rune-Overdraw

  • Unholy Cap : optimize outfit models to fit characters.

  • Energy Helmet: fixed a problem where all targets except targets can be shot out of the sky in some cases

  • Finger Staff: optimizes release effects and release animations

  • Drain Staff: you can now cast abilities without the target

  • Pastor's Cloak: fixed an issue where abilities were partially unplayable in some cases

  • Death Space: adjusts composition conditions to make the composition smoother

  • Ice Clothes : fixed issue where health regeneration did not work in some cases

  • Fixed bug equipment attribute "The shared damage of single skills added by" actually damage in some cases

  • Fixed  Axe weapon rage issue after activation the perks - Equipment Switch (Weapon)

  • Spell Chanting (new) : Instant cast & spell skills can be chanted by long pressing and then released. Each chanting for 1s increases the number of projectiles and AOE radius by 20%, up to 2s

  • Spell Chanting Time (new) : increased maximum spell chanting time

  • Wisdom (new) : Increased the cost of skill by 20%, but +20% to skill's magic damage bonus

  • Minion Attack Speed(new) :Minions summoned by the skill have 15% increased attack speed

  • Minion Cast Speed(New):Minions summoned by the skill have 15% increased cast speed

  • Minion Critical Rate(New) : +10% to the minion's critical rate

  • Minion Critical Damage (New) : '+20% to the minion's critical damage

  • Mana Reserve: adjusts to toggle skill no longer costs mana, but take up 50% of the maximum mana in reserve

  • Dummy: adjusts to 10% chance to leave a fake body in place, lasts 5s, enemies will attack it instead of character

  • Projectile Split: adjusts to when projectile's flight distance is less than 6m, will split into two small projectiles when hits the target, the damage reduced to 20% for each

Other balance and adjustment

  • Fixed the problem of abnormal penetration effect when hitting multiple targets

  • Optimized the waiting state when the character dies, allowing players to continue rescuing ghosts when the death screen appears

  • Optimized the the AI of minions when they follow the character with no enemies are around

  • Optimize the frequent loading of the game when switching background programs

  • Fixed the bug that players cannot use auto path after exiting from the Void Gate 

  • Fixed the bug that the uncle didn't leave the game after calling time ended

  • Optimized the abnormal reading of role data in some cases

  • Fixed the bug that players have received season card rewards but still repeatedly reminded to receive them

  • Fixed the problem where minions could not get elemental ball after killing an enemy

Rune Update

Perks Upadate

  • Giving Totem (new) : character transfers 30% of maximum HP to totem

  • Fire and Ice (new) : target is frozen or slowdown by ice, burning buff interval reduced by 50%

  • Frost (new) : each freeze a target,20% chance to get 1 ice orb

  • Limit of poison stack (new) : the max overlap of poison increased by 20%

  • Chronic Intoxication (new) : poison interval increased by 100%, also the max overlap of poison increased by 100%  

  • First-aid (new) : increase healing buff by 30% when equipped with shields

  • Melee (new) : 50% of critical rate can be delivered to hit rate when equipped with melee weapon

  • Storm (new) : 30% chance to knockback when melee skill hit the enemy

  • Wounds (new) : enemy hit by physical damage will get a wound increasing damage by 30%,stacked up to 5 stages if hit by different physical damage during the period.

  • Furious (new) : no longer consuming the rage when full of rage

  • Cast Feedback (new) : increase character's casting speed by 5% for 2s, after releasing inst spell skill, can be stacked up to 20

  • Archer: adjusts to long range dmg rune’s effect increased by 100%

  • Concentration: adjusts to +20% hit rate per 0.5s during charging,stacked up to 9 stages

  • Harvest: adjusts to attack target under physical control,the elemental resistance reduced by 50%

  • Quick Cast: adjust to increase casting speed by 20% and 1% hit mana recovery when equipped with wand

  • Secret Magic: adjusts to Increase cast cost by 30% and 15% magic attack when equpped with staff

  • Soul Link: adjusts to single rune damage sharing effect increased by 100%, but skill attack speed reduced by 50%

  • United Minions: adjust to Minions killed will buff other minions,increasing HP limit by 20% and hit rate by 20% for 5s,stacked up to 5 stages

  • Elemental Weakness: adjusts to attacking a freezed /shocked target will reduce its all physical resistances to 0

  • Rapid Charge: adjusts to skill's charging speed increased by 50%

  • Direct Kill: adjusts to kill the enemy directly when it's full of rage and its HP is less than 30%. Boss/other players are invalid.

  • Point Blank: adjusts to increase rune close range damage effect by 100%

  • Split Control: adjusts to +50% damage to split projectiles but reduce the number of projectiles of skill by 30%

  • Impact: adjusts to each unit of movement speed get 5% damage bonus when moving

  • Mana Shield: adjusts to firstly consum extra mana shield limited by 20% of max mana when casting magic skill.Interval time of HP and mana shield recovery increased by 100%

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